Are there any good Low Fantasy settings that aren't Dark Fantasy?

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#1 MichaelDick 29. apr. 2018 11:46


I'm a big fan of Ironclaw and while thumbing though reviews on it I think I might've hit upon one of the things I really like about it. It's Low Fantasy without being Dark. It has all of the hallmarks of Low Fantasy in that the supernatural elements are low key, the big powers are rooted in nations and religion instead of gods walking the earth, no side is treated as "the right side", and everything is very down to earth (Disney animal people aside). But heroes are still allowed to be heroic, magic isn't a corrupting force, and with Renaissance era technology on the gulf between rich and poor is shrinking. Which brings me to the thread title, are there any good Low Fantasy settings that aren't Dark Fantasy? Aside from Ironclaw. I've started to realize that I really like that kind of stuff. I'd be happy to hear any good settings (preferably TRPG) you guys like as well as ABOUT those settings and the games attached to them. For simplicity's sake, assume I've never heard of it and that if it's based on DnD/Pathfinder, it's probably Heroic Fantasy, not Low.

Please help.

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